A better way to solve disputes

Get fast and fair results without unnecessary legal action

Calmly were superb! I cannot recommend their service enough.
5 stars
The support and attentiveness of Calmly is next level.
5 stars
Saving over £400,000 legal fees every year! 

How does Calmly work?

Our process blends the best bit of mediation, conciliation and the law.

We look at the detail of each dispute and explain the legal rights and wrongs to both sides.

Just like a normal lawyer, except we don't waste time and money on writing complex legal letters and arguing with the other side.

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...and how much does it cost?

You can use Calmly for free. If you choose to accept a payment from the other side we charge a simple 10% service fee.

We want using Calmly to be stress-free, thats why you can drop out of the process at any time.. No questions asked, no complications.