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Start with a free case review

Before our legal team writes your letter we'll assess the strength of your case and confirm the chances of getting back what you're owed


Check your draft letter

We'll use the information you give us to send you a first version of your letter. You'll need to check it carefully before it's sent


Pay our fee when you're ready

Pay our fee once you're happy with the letter. We'll send it to the other side and use tracking to ensure it's been delivered


More support if you need it

Sometimes you'll need more than a letter to persuade the other side. If so, we'll make you an offer to join the full Calmly service

Use Calmly to:

Get a letter before action that the other side take seriously

Our legal team will review your case, and write a letter before action for you

Personalised letter before action service


At Calmly, our team of Dispute Managers are trained to get your money back without going to court
What is a letter before action?

A letter before action (also known as a letter before claim) is a formal document that you use to warn the other side you are about to take legal action.


The great thing about a letter before action is that, if you write it well, it can persuade the other side to urgently prioritise giving your money back. After all - most people want to avoid court.

When should I send a letter before action?

A letter before action is typically used when you need to persuade another party to pay you something that you’re owed.


For example, you might be chasing up an unpaid invoice, trying to get money back from an ex-partner or asking an employee to pay you some missing wages or benefits.


A good letter before action should clearly explain why you have a legal right to what you’re claiming, and set out the consequences if the other side refuse to pay.


In our experience, it’s best to use a professional, civil tone and avoid making empty threats. The last thing you want is to escalate the dispute unnecessarily, or for the other side to call your bluff and say “see you in court!”

What does the letter before action service cost?

Before we charge you anything, we’ll do a free case review and send you a draft letter for you to check over. Once you’re happy with the content, you’ll need to pay £65 for us to send the letter to the other side.

Dependent on the strengths of your case, we’ll also try and make you an offer to join the full Calmly service. If you do choose to join, you’ll get access to a dedicated Dispute Manager who can use a range of techniques to get your money back. You can find out more about the full Calmly service by clicking here.

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Why use Calmly?

We’ve spent 30 years in the legal industry, and our team is made up of professional negotiators, mediators and solicitors.


We’ve spent our working lives working out how to de-escalate conflicts, and get money back without taking unnecessary and expensive legal action.


So if you’re keen to avoid an employment tribunal or the small claims court, we’ll help you construct the best argument possible, and get the other side to pay you back with just this one letter.

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Not sure our letter before action will work for you?

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a letter before action?

Well a letter before action can do two things: 1. Serve as a final warning to the other side 2. Be the first step in actually taking legal action. If you're using it for the latter, then failing to send a letter before action might mean that the court decide to penalise you at a hearing and order you to pay some of the other side's legal costs.

What happens if your letter before action doesn't work?

The problem with any dispute, is that you never know what the other side will decide to do. Sometimes they'll choose to be reasonable and pay up straight away. Other times they will dig their heels in. If that does happen, then we can help escalate the dispute further by starting a Money Claim Online, and inviting the other side to free mediation provided by the county court.

Can you help me if I've already sent a letter?

If you've tried sending a letter before action and it hasn't worked, then don't despair! Just let us know, and we'll see if we can provide you with a dedicated Dispute Manager to help you resolve the problem. You can apply for a Dispute Manager by clicking here.

Do I need to pay for a letter before action?

Definitely not! We offer our service because we know that some people prefer to get tailored support, rather then work it out for themselves. We're confident our service works well, but there are plently of free options out there too.

Should I use a letter before action template?

If you want to write a letter before action by yourself, then a template can work well. But just remember, if you're trying to persuade the other side to pay quite a significant sum of money, it should look really professional and clearly demonstrate you know what you're talking about. We offer our letter before action service because we think that a personalised version, that's written by a lawyer actually gets your money back much more quickly.