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Hi – I’m Clare, a mediator, solicitor and one of the founders of Calmly. After three decades in the legal industry, I wanted to build a better way to resolve everyday disputes. Calmly is our attempt at doing just that.

Who is Calmly for?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking “I just don’t know how I’m ever going to get my money back”.


Maybe you’ve tried mediation or you’re worried about paying for a solicitor.


Well if that’s you, then you’re in the right place. Because at Calmly, our team of dispute managers love to resolve even the most difficult of disagreements.

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What is Calmly?

Calmly is an online service that gives you access to a dedicated dispute manager. We specialise in using negotiating techniques to persuade the other side to return your money, without taking unnecessary legal action.

How does Calmly work?

There’s four main stages to the dispute resolution process at Calmly. You’ll only pay by the stage, and if you don't manage to get a resolution, you won't pay anything at all.

Stage 1, days 1-10

We start with a quick case review. If we think you’ve got a legal right to money/compensation we’ll issue a formal demand for repayment. This is called a letter before action/claim.

Stage 3, days 21-30

If the other side still refuses to engage, we’ll start process of getting a county court judgement in your favour, and help you recover the costs of the process from the other side.

Stage 2, days 11-20

Sometimes a formal letter is all that’s needed to get your money back. If not, we’ll invite the other side to an early neutral resolution session. This is when an independent legal professional makes a legally-binding ruling over the dispute.

Stage 4, days 31-40

90%+ of disputes are resolved before this point but sometimes, the other side just won’t play ball! If you’re still determined to get your money back, we’ll help you prepare for a relatively informal hearing at the county court.

We’d spent months trying to persuade the other side to listen. With Calmly on our side, we got our money back in two weeks!
Matt F., issue with a deposit

Not sure Calmly will work for you?

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