How Calmly works

Getting started is easy.

We'll help you through the process of working out who actually owes what.

When you use Calmly, you'll spend less time arguing over opinions, and more time reviewing the actual legal arguments that support your point of view.


Reviewing what’s happened

You tell us what happened and we look at the facts, the law, and how similar disputes have been best resolved.


Explaining the law

We write to the other side and explain how the law supports your argument.


Negotiate & agree

Our tools and processes support you negotiating with the other side, and agree the best way to resolve your dispute.


Free & quick to start

Our process is fast. Start for free and see for yourself!

Fair & transparent

We set out who owes what in the eyes of the law.

Backed by experts

With over 30 years of experience in the legal industry you’re backed by expert solicitors

About us

We’re a team of ex-government lawyers, solicitors and mediators.

With over 30 years of experience in the legal industry, we have created a better way to resolve everyday disputes. ​

With Calmly we built a negotiating technique that blended the best bits of mediation, conciliation and the law.

Clare, Tom "Less money spent on lawyers more money back in your pocket.""

We're Clare and Tom and we started Calmly to help ordinary people negotiate their way to fairer, friendlier and quicker resolutions.

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